A harmonious blend of modern European design

and traditional architecture found in St. Petersburg


“Today “Leontievsky Mys” sticks out among a number of important projects in St. Petersburg's luxury housing sector. This is a result of our committed work towards the manifestation of our ideas about architecture relevant to the city, combined with the world famous YOO Inspired by Starck interior design.” Svyatoslav Gaikovich, head of the architectural office- “Studio 17”

International project

“Leontievsky Mys” was created by a team of foreign and Russian experts: world-renowned design brand YOO Inspired by Starck that is the result of a union between YOO and the legendary designer Philippe Starck, as well as with the architects of “Studio 17”, harmoniously integrates advanced European trends with the architectural traditions of St. Petersburg. The facade, public spaces and amenities and apartment interiors were designed by YOO Inspired by Starck, these spaces are the distinctive elements of the development. Being the first project of this brand in St. Petersburg, it was created with passion and is a source of pride.

Exclusive design

by a legendary team

Leontievsky Mys – is a historic event

“Leontievsky Mys” is a historic event for YOO and our first project in St. Petersburg. We believe that this is an important moment for the development in St. Petersburg and just the beginning of a new chapter in its historic life.” John Hitchcox, founder and co-owner of YOO

Unique interiors by YOO Inspired by Starck

Beautifully designed interiors provide the opportunity to live within an unique luxury environment with flexibility, all housed within a development with a singular, modern architectural style. The interiors are divided into the four iconic styles by YOO Inspired by Starck: Classical, Minimal, Nature, and Culture.
Now the affluent of St. Petersburg have the opportunity to invest in unique interiors created under the creative direction of Philippe Starck in “Leontievsky Mys”

Styles by YOO - Classic


Classic is most appealing to the connoisseur with an understanding and enjoyment of the finer things in life. Classic is deeply tactile and sensual, appealing to all the senses

with soft leathers, dark woods and lots of mahogany. This is a sophisticated style with a strong mix of classic elements and contemporary objects.
Styles by YOO - Culture


Culture encapsulates Starck’s passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas from the past, and placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today. The result is an intriguing mix with a captivating tension. Rooted in richness and boldness, the Culture palette has a powerful sense of history, but is always looking forward.
Styles by YOO - Minimal


The spirit of Minimal is clean and calm – a modern edge, incorporating glass, metal, concrete and neutral colours allowing for the mind to find space, to meditate and consider. Minimal is ideal for those who want to add their own layers and ideas. It can work as a simple start in deciding how you want to live - an almost blank canvas where you can gradually add objects to reflect your tastes and personality.
Styles by YOO - Nature


The Nature palette is for those who love to live with fresh air, blue sky, the smell of rising sun, purity and simplicity. This style draws its inspiration from the widespread and deep seeded desire of city dwellers to bring nature into the urban environment. The colours and materials are drawn from a gentle spectrum of natural hues: pale, sun and sea bleached wood, and sand and pebble-grey mixed with soft green.