Location Advantages


in the heart of St. Petersburg
“What does this project mean to me? An amazing location!”
Philippe Starck, creative director of YOO


Our facility is located in one of the most picturesque areas of St. Petersburg. Surrounded by Malaya Nevka and Zhdanovka Rivers, it is in an area which has historically been called Leontievsky Mys.

Here you can enjoy the unique waterscape and the natural beauty of Krestovsky Island, still living in the city center on the Petrograd Side. Allowing you to enjoy the beauty at your privacy, we have created a 600 meter promenade, a marina, and a private yacht docking.

20 minutes to the city center

An excellent accessibility for transportation was one of the main reasons for this area's selection, as it is a mere 20 minutes to the city center via car or water taxi, with stops planed near the complex. The launch of the Western High-Speed Diameter, which will provide the access to the airport and main business districts of the city in less than 30 minutes, will only strengthen the image of the territory as the best place to live and rest in.
View from the flats
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History of the place

Genius was born here

“Never neglect the aura of this place. Leontievsky mys gave the world a great scientist. This fact is forever linked with this place.”
Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company “Leontievsky Mys”
  • Private cape

    “Leontievsky Mys” is located in a beautiful corner of St. Petersburg. The construction site was chosen in a unique place on the Petrograd Side, surrounded by two rivers: Malaya Nevka and Zhdanovka. Here, at 43 Zhdanovskaya Ulitsa, from 1906 to 1925 lived the famous economist and Nobel laureate, Vasiliy Leontiev. Here he spent his childhood and teenage years, and here he became interested in economics and mathematics, starting his path towards a brilliant scientific discovery. Brought up in the best traditions of comprehensive home schooling, Vasiliy Leontiev graduated from the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Petrograd when he was 19. In order to pursue science freely, he had to emigrate to the United States, where he became a professor at Harvard and New York University, the founder and leader of the American Institute for Economic Analysis, as well as a consultant for the UN. As a brilliant scholar, Vasiliy Leontiev was granted an honorary doctor degree at Brussels, Paris, and Leningrad University, and in 1973 he got the Nobel Prize for the “development of the 'input- output method' and its application to important economic issues.”

  • Vasiliy was fond of sailing, and when he explained to students how the economy of the country functions, he compared it with a yacht at sea: “In order for things to go well, you need a breeze – this is interest, and a steering wheel – this is state regulation.” Our complex currently under construction at Leontievsky Mys is intended to continue this unique area's reputation as the birthplace of Nobel laureates. The creators of Leontievsky Mys put a strong focus on children, planning a private kindergarten in the most picturesque part of the house, as well as many other features designed to provide the most favorable conditions for the harmonious development of future geniuses. The infrastructure of Leontievsky Mys also reflects Vasiliy's passion for sailing, as the complex will have a private marina and a yacht club with 50 seats. The amazing location of “Leontievsky Mys” is certainly one of its largest advantages. Such places are as rare as the greatest men of their time.