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“Leontievsky Mys”

Intelligent design in the pursuit of luxury
“We have spent many months studying successful strategies in luxury real estate. But the best developments are in St. Petersburg”
Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company “Leontievsky Mys”

House of your dream

Imagine the home of your dreams. What is especially valuable to you in this home? Design? The freedom of space, or perhaps the highest level of service? Designed using the highest world standards, “Leontievsky Mys” combines all of these elements. The ideology of these high-end living complexes is created from putting an emphasis on a person and his or her comfort, preferences, and lifestyle. The exclusive design and exquisite interior decor has an advanced functionality and the robust infrastructure of the building creates an atmosphere with the comfort and privacy of a V.I.P. club.

Intellectual development

Intellectual development is a design philosophy combining advanced technologies in construction, engineering, interior design, and the organization of interior space. The complex infrastructure meets the most demanding tastes of intelligent, creative and open-minded families. Within the enclosed area will be located a private kindergarten and children's art center, several playgrounds, a fitness club with a swimming pool, several boutiques, a selection of restaurants on the promenade, and a private marina which can accommodate 50 yachts will be located within the enclosed area.
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“Leontievsky Mys”

True Quality – in detail
“Every technological innovation is the result of years of work and meticulous calculation. If you have any doubts in this matter, I will personally give you the choice to inspect any cog in our project.”
Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company “Leontievsky Mys”
  • Comfortable planning solutions

    In developing plans for our apartments, we have focused on satisfying the most exquisite tastes in comfort and style of our residents. “Leontievsky Mys” has more than 40 apartment floor-plans created for family stay, suited to those who like high ceilings and panoramic windows with varying views. We have designed a completely new type of apartment, with a two-level sleeping area, ceiling heights of up to 4.7 meters, private elevators, and green terraces. We have done everything so that the apartment is perfect from the moment you step in.


    Heating of your choice

    Both the two roof boilers and individual heating systems control the residential temperature. Individual heating units located in the apartments guarantee a uniform supply of hot water regardless of the time of day. This hot water is also suitable for drinking.


    Savings on utility bills

    In order to reduce power consumption during the boiler peak hours, storage tanks prepare hot water in advance (during off-peak night hours and day-hours). This allows avoiding interruptions in hot water supply, and reduces power usage of the boiler room. Special frames and insulating film are used to retain heat. These and other innovations reduce the cost of future resident utilities by up to 30%.
  • No repair works

    We have insured that the future residents will not be bothered by any necessary repair work at the complexes. This technology, in its first use in Russia, utilizes technological tunnels, located three meters underground, which hold all of the communication electronics. These allow for an ease in problem diagnosis and for repairs to go unnoticed by residents.


    Attentive security system

    “Leontievsky Mys”'s security system not only provides an orderly house, but also prevents residents from unnecessary worries. For example, In the unlikely event of leak in the house, it would be quickly noticed as there are dampness sensors even in the “wet” areas of the apartments. A unified digital system is also provided to the complex, which supports landline connections, internet access, and digital television. All apartments are monitored in the security office and equipped with advanced sensors which respond to movement. At the request of the residents, the alarm can be forwarded on to the residents' phones via sms.
    The buildings are equipped with CCTV along the perimeter of the home, in the parking area, entrance areas, elevator lobbies, and in other public areas.
    System access to the porch and the residents' parking area is provided by individual smart cards. A receptionist is available in the office who greets guests at the reception desk and will lead them to your apartment.




"We do not just build, we create. We create projects which are worthy of this great city".

Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company for "Leontievsky Mys"


Facade and Interior Design

Facade and Interior Design

"There is only one style – freedom".

Philippe Starck, One of the founders of YOO




"We are confident that this residential complex will be successful because it is a perfect example of an integrated approach to the project from the moment of its conception to implementation".

Nikolai Pashkov, CEO of Knight Frank St. Petersburg

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