Exquisite rationality - in every detail

“A truly remarkable project can be identified even on paper. Multi-volume details of calculations and miles of engineering drafts, every point in its place. When I talk with the project team, I understand that these people know what they are doing.”
Denis Gumerov, Chairman of the Management Board, BFA bank.

The basis of space

Today’s luxury is made out not of the monumental empiric forms, but rather from the completely thought-through and exquisite rationality.

Reflection of your individuality

Every single detail of the infrastructure of “Leontievsky Mys” is designed to highlight the unique style of life belonging to each of its residents. Your hobbies, interests, and habits form the basis of the space created as a reflection of your personality.
Health and Fitness Centre

Health and Fitness Centre - designed by YOO Inspired by Starck - a unique feature of Leontievsky Mys

“In our project our benchmark is perfection. From the stair detail to the pool decking, we aim for the most exquisite result.”
Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company “Leontievsky Mys”

Health and Fitness Centre

“Leontievsky Mys” offers a state of the art fitness centre with a 3300 sq/m swimming pool.

Center of beauty and health

The spa has been designed by YOO Inspired by Starck, an international design brand under the creative direction of Philippe Starck. Located within the Health and Fitness Centre, the spa will offer a wide variety of services for the mind and body.


in an elite part of the city
“I have two sons whom I love and am very proud of. I know very well how important it is to surround children with the best there is.”
Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company “Leontievsky Mys”

Center of children`s life

Particular attention is paid to projects developed for children – a private kindergarten and a modern and safe playground.

Around-the-clock concierge service

“5-star hotel service is the level that today's customers demand. Here it will be 100% ensured”
Elisaveta Conway, director of real estate at Colliers International.

5-star service 24 hours a day

The twenty-four hour concierge service provides an opportunity for calling a taxi, maid, or something to eat at any time. You don't need to search for phone numbers or worry about late requests, as the concierge will gladly do everything for you.

Private courtyard

“We did not cut the project's space with fences. We raised the inner courtyard's foundation, which allowed for privacy and resident safety without separating them from the beautiful surroundings.”
Igor Onokov, CEO of the development company “Leontievsky Mys”

Calmness and safety

The inner courtyard is completely closed off to the entry of any type of vehicle, providing ecological living, comfort, peace, and security for all of its residents. Entrance to the house is available via multiple levels of access. A reception area is located in the lobby, with twenty-four hour security and maintenance services.

Secure three-level parking

for up to 700 cars.
“All parts of the house without any exceptions are made to provide maximum comfort to its residents”
Elisaveta Conway, director of real estate at Colliers International

Comfortable parking

Nowadays for many people parking has become the entrance to the house. For this reason at «Leontievsky Mys» special attention is paid to the design and architecture of the parking. Moreover, in this three-level parking you will find car-washes at every level, storage facilities and carts for luggage transportation. All entrances to the parking are controlled by security and are available for residents from both embankments and the inner passage.